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Company data

2020 Germany Spencer Stuart Board Index

The 2020 Germany Spencer Stuart Board Index covers a sample of 68 stock corporations (AGs). The cohort under review includes all the 30 DAX companies, plus 38 constituents drawn from the M-Dax, S-Dax and Tec-Dax indices.

The data in the tables below have been compiled from publicly available sources. Data relates mainly to the 2019 fiscal year, in case of a different fiscal year on the 2018/2019 year. Personal data however, such as age or tenure, relates to 31 August 2020. AGM elections to the supervisory boards are also included up to this latter reporting date. For more information, please refer to our survey approach.

Use the buttons above the table to view different facets of the dataset. To quickly find data on a specific company, use the search box above the table. You can sort by column by clicking on the column headers.

SB: Supervisory board MB: Management board SR: Shareholder representatives ER: Employee representatives

Company Supervisory board members New shareholder representatives All shareholder representatives Former mgmt board member Independence Competency profile (background) of shareholder representatives Shareholder representative age Shareholder representative tenure Employee rep composition ER Age ER Tenure Supervisory board chair Supervisory board meetings # of coms. Number of meetings Covers strategy? Covers mgmt board? Supervisory board evaluation SB Fixed remuneration SB rem details Chair total rem Audit committee rem Presiding committee rem Other committees rem Nom committee rem? Management board composition New members Female quota Age Tenure # members holding external SB seats 2019 MB fixed compensation range # perf. comp components When agreed SB discretion Share ownership guidelines Clawback
Total SR ER % Female ER/SR Total Foreign Women Foreign % foreign Nationalities Women % Women  Mgmt Finance Sector Digitization Law/Compliance Consulting Science Active mgmt. Age Limit Limit at… Tenure Term limit Women % Woman Foreign % Foreign Ex-mgmt Prof. Active Tenure # boards # chairs Age Female Foreign Comm. chairs Comm. mems Meetings Attendance Strategy meeting? Audit Risk Pers. Presiding Strat. Tech. Nom. Finance Evaluation Details Member Chair Dep. Chair Per meeting Focus on fixed? Member Chair Member Chair Member Chair Total Foreign For. % Women Women % Female CEO Total Internal hire Foreign Women Board CEO Limit Board CEO 0 seats 1 seat 2 seats 3 seats Minimum Maximum

1.  Not subject to co-determination